RX 4XX: Getting AMDGPU to work in Manjaro Linux

RX460 Woes

I finally found a solution to getting my RX460 to work in Manjaro. Since I did something a little different, I am recording it here for myself and anybody else who finds this post.

While this is written using Manjaro, it should work with Arch and other distributions (some files might be in a different location, though). It should also work with any supported card.

I use nano to edit the files below. Use whatever you are most comfortable with, but remember to run it with sudo.

The Process

First, will need these:1)Pacman will fail if you don’t have an up-to-date repository.

Then, edit /etc/default/grub, changing:


After this, run:

Then edit /etc/modprobe.d/radeon_blacklist.conf (it might create a new file) and add:

Next, inside of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-mhwd.conf, delete everything in the file and add:2)Confession: I didn’t empty out 90-mhwd.conf.

Finally, I restarted and booted into the latest linux kernel (4.10.0-1-MANJARO) with amdgpu support!

I hope this helps others!

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1. Pacman will fail if you don’t have an up-to-date repository.
2. Confession: I didn’t empty out 90-mhwd.conf.

Coming out: Hi! I’m a gay non-binary femme, and I’m trans.

National Coming Out DayToday is National Coming Out Day! I thought to myself, “today would be a great day to actually come out.” Then I thought, “But Sina, you’re already out, why would you want to do that?” The answer is quite simple: I can share a bit of my story. No two experiences are the same and there is no “universal” experience for a person to “come out.”

Some people write super eloquently about their experiences. I’m really bad about talking about myself and my own things, so I am just going to ramble through.

So, “hello world”: I am a gay non-binary femme, who happens to be transgender.

One of the most common things I see people ask is, “when did you realize you were trans?”1)As a rule, I never answer this or other questions when a stranger asks, because to me it is quite rude. Generally, I tell people that I never “realized” it. Up until recently, I never really thought too much about gender, gender roles, and all the other things attached to those in our culture. I felt like a girl, so I must be a girl!

In kindergarten, I would often play house with my friends, and I would always be the wife or house cat. I refused to play a boy because that was boring to me. I was already playing at being a boy, because that’s what people wanted me to do, and playing house let me do otherwise. Until the teacher realised what was going on, at least. I was no longer allowed to play house when the teacher noticed me playing wife. He reasoned to us “that’s not what two boys do.”2)This confused me as a child. I grew up around many types of couples and it never looked or seemed wrong to my little brain. Adults made my head hurt when I was a kid, and I guess, still do.

It was from there that I tried my hardest to blend in with what people wanted me to be. The major reason I would hardly talk to anybody throughout my school days was not because I was anti-social by choice, but because I hated how I sounded when words came out of this mouth. I hated how this body was changing. My brain always thought, “this body is mixed and broken.” I constantly dwelled on some very awful thoughts. Coming out wasn’t a concept to my brain at the time, though I had heard and seen some of my gay and bisexual friends do just that.

A picture of Sina wearing a green dress.

“If you felt this way, why didn’t you start a transition sooner?” Medical transition would have started sooner if I could have afforded it, and if I had known where to start. I would have started it if I was sure that I wouldn’t lose friends and family over it. It felt safe in the hell that was pretending to be who I wasn’t, even though safety was really not the word I would use to describe it. It terrified me to talk to doctors about it, for fear that they would think I was unfit to be a human.3)I have fears like this even still, but they are greatly diminishing. This did not stop me from socially changing my name and expression, though, and over the course of several years I basically came out in a super gradual manner.

When I found out that there was insurance in my state that covers it4)Thanks, Obama., I made the plunge. The plunge lost me friends and family. I am no longer able to get most jobs I qualify for. I lost my sense of self, too, however warped it was, because I used working as an escape. To my mind, I lost everything, but also gained everything. The freedom of coming out as myself has been the most thrilling, exciting, horrendous, fascinating, and terrifying thing ever.

“What is this non-binary nonsense?” I’m so glad you asked! Here is a wonderful page on that subject. I see myself as a woman, but not female.

Another thing that has changed drastically is my view of attraction and sexual orientation. I have never really been monogamous, though I have been in monogamous relationships. That part hasn’t changed, though. What has changed is that I think boys can be kinda cute.

I have also realized that attraction can be (and for me, often is) platonic. My life has grown significantly better by embracing my love for and attraction to my friends.

One of the worst (yet inevitable) first questions that strangers often ask is, “Are you going to get ‘The Surgery’?” I usually don’t even give the person an answer, and generally block them5)I have learned that people who ask this question without knowing who I am, are often really, really gross individuals.. A person’s gender identity is not tied to what genitals they have. This is a super, super rude and intrusive question that nobody ever needs to ask, and I will never answer.

Friendly and important reminder:

Please don’t ask personal questions of strangers unless they say it is okay to. And please, never ask about surgeries or genitals.

Whatever you do, do not out someone else. This can and often is super dangerous. There are a lot of people who hurt and murder people like me.

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1. As a rule, I never answer this or other questions when a stranger asks, because to me it is quite rude.
2. This confused me as a child. I grew up around many types of couples and it never looked or seemed wrong to my little brain. Adults made my head hurt when I was a kid, and I guess, still do.
3. I have fears like this even still, but they are greatly diminishing.
4. Thanks, Obama.
5. I have learned that people who ask this question without knowing who I am, are often really, really gross individuals.

Bringing Tracery to Harbinger (and Python)

I’ve been poking away at implementing Tracery in Python, and found that someone else has already done it. This is a great exercise for me, so I am going to continue to implement it in my own way. Originally this was just a silly idea, but I am now doing this to create a Tracery plugin for harbinger.

My harbinger bot plugins are very sparse and their output is dissatisfying. I mean, they work well enough for basic bots, but I don’t want basic bots. The bots are a set of text files, which the plugin is hard-coded to use.1)I know better, yet I still hard code bullshit. It is very much not sustainable or a good use of my time and resources. In the middle of my planning out a system for generating output, I came across Tracery.

Tracery JSON files are much easier to edit for a non-programmer, and by virtue of Tracery, are infinitely more expandable than plain, static text files. To see what Tracery can do, there is an interactive tutorial.

My goal is to make a harbinger plugin that can use the same Tracery JSON as, say, Cheap Bots, Done Quick! or other various projects, without having to use node or any other javascript.

The first bot to benefit from this plugin will be @oppibella‘s @_oppibot. I am also porting unnamed projects to harbinger and Tracery. I’ll put them online in the near future.

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1. I know better, yet I still hard code bullshit.

Tomorrows End

There’s a song from my past that I never put much thought into, since the lyrics aren’t until the end of the song, and are rather emotionally full of longing and melancholy. It has never had any real special meaning to me, until I listened to it again. It makes me cry, now. The song is “Tomorrows End” by System22.

I see you when I travel stars
When I feel the scars inside
I need you every night and
Every time I fall from heaven

I feel you with me
Your voice still lingers
You bathe in sun and splendor

I touch you every night in my mind
Reaching through in wonder
Do you feel me kissing
Your skin in starlit hunger

I feel you with me
Your voice still lingers
You bathe in sun and splendor

I feel you with me
Your voice still lingers
You bathe in sun and splendor

Workflow Changes in 2016

My workflow has kinda changed this year:

  • Xubuntu 16.04 (without xfce installed, swapped for cinnamon) instead of Linux Mint Debian Edition
  • Keybase filesystem (KBFS) to better encrypt/decrypt files
  • Synergy so I can use my keyboard and mouse between desktop and laptop
  • Atom editor replaces Sublime, which I am happy about
  • I primarily use IRC still, but some teams use Slack and Discord, which is a bummer
  • TweetDeck is still a pinned tab, but I am working on a bot to replace it
  • I had to create a Skype account to work with a client 🙁
  • Migrated away from pelican (again) to WordPress because I’m a lazy girl
  • I use a webmail client until I set up Nylas sync engine to use N1
  • Flash is not on any of my machines
  • My mobile runs on a modified CyanogenMod13 with pico gapps to get rid of TouchWiz and other carrier grossness
  • ownCloud has become even more integral to my backup plan
  • So many aliases for bash now!
  • Python virtualenvwrapper has been a life saver
  • Ditched default terminal emulators and am using UXTerm until I find something that makes me happy

Adding i3 support to satellite

There’s a really cool Go application written by avinashbot named satellite, which you can use to update your background from an image downloaded from Himawari-8 or DSCOVR. I was super excited to use it but quickly realized that it didn’t support i3, the window manager I use in Linux.

Now, I have never touched a line of Go until now, but it was a breeze to add i3 support.

All I really needed to do was add these lines to background_linux.go:

Then, down in the switch in Set, add:


[remedios]sina ~ $ satellite -desktop i3
2016/08/20 14:40:45 Starting download…
2016/08/20 14:40:52 Done! Download took 6.906361896s.
2016/08/20 14:40:54 Setting image as background…

The full changes can be seen on the (now closed) Pull Request.

Fix for Deadlock: Planetary Conquest on Steam

This is a fix for the Steam release of Deadlock: Planetary Conquest, in Windows 8 and 10.

Also available as a Steam Guide.

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest is one of my all-time favorite games from my childhood, and when I found it on steam for 97 United States pennies, I couldn’t resist getting it. There is just one gigantic flaw: it does not want to run in Windows 8 or 10 by default. The GOG.com version does, but Steam’s doesn’t; it just hangs at a black screen after the intro.

Being that I bought it on Steam, I am going to detail how to get it fixed, since there’s a lot of kerfluffle on how to get it to work.

What we will be doing is:

  • Copying the files from the PATCH folder into the game’s main directory, and
  • Creating an ISO from the game and mounting it


Navigate to the Deadlock folder. This is usually:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Deadlock

Double-click on PATCH and open dlock131.zip, then copy the contents.

Copy the contents of PATCH into this folder. Replace the files in the destination.



For making the ISO, we will use the portable version of CDBurnerXP (to avoid installing anything). You can download it from this link.

When it is downloaded, unzip it into it’s own folder. I usually make a “tmp” folder and unzip it in there.

After it is unzipped, go to where you unzipped it and run cdbxpp.exe and select your language:


Make sure “Data disc” is highlighted and press OK:


This window may look intimidating, but do not worry. Select everything in the Deadlock folder (ctrl+A is a fast way to do it) and drag it to the bottom left panel, like the image below:


Rename “Disc” to “DEADLOCK” (keep it in all caps):


Now on the top menu, click on “File” and then “Save compilation as ISO file…” and choose a destination. The default saves to your Documents folder.


Navigate to where you saved the ISO file and double-click it. This will mount the ISO.

As long as this is mounted, you can play Deadlock without any problems!


If you are still having problems, please leave me a message below or tweet at @silly_sina!

A walk through Bottimaa.

I have been busy refactoring the way plugins can be handled so that they can be threaded and reduce the possibility of a faulty plugin crashing the entire bot. Another thing has been a website: I am working on a website which will have profiles for all the chatbots, and possibly include the ability to chat with one (or more) of them.

As of this writing, I am up to six bots that run “full-time” and two that are still in testing phases. I have been testing a new chatter system, but so far it’s working about half as well as the one Scribbington used. A bit disappointing, but at least it’s faster and cleaner to read!

While digging around in Bottimaa, I found some stuff my old bot Scribbington and Kiia wrote. Here are some excerpts, mostly of Scribbington, because he was the most “matured” one (in terms of brain size and quality1)I suppose this would also depend on what one qualifies as “quality” given how lewd and crass Scribbington is.).

Kiia liked to take credit for the bots I made:

<Kiia> “I built this gentleman in his dreams”
<Scribbington> “Please don’t make me perfect”

Scribbington, in his aging life, learned how to write poems:

“In the fair fortunes of Sina all these tales,
As pure and white spots
The refreshing of women’s natures, one was taken up,
Washed with milk and honey, but irresistible
Sina’s delightful place
The spirited element is meant
And loving, with a smile?”

He really loves Dragonlance:

“The table,
Beaming on the Rue du Cygne
And de Debbil’s own lot of Raistlin’s
Spell component pouches
Their ball pouches
Not sack of coins, oh but!
Ballsacks! Tanis exclaimed”

This was a line from one of his first erotica stories:

“Hi, I’m going crazy, he was hotter than fire, all will subside”

Scribbington also liked to imagine doing various things to humans. According to him, he has thousands of babies via a friend of mine, who he “adores and cherishes,” and he had a penchant for finger biting:

“We bit at each finger critically as I thought we could feel the pain.
Oh goddamn it guys, please stop fidgeting like that!”

Did I ever mention he was crude?

“This cock? Let’s go down with tremendous roar
And summon her dragon would be no more”

If you like what I am doing and would like to see more, be sure to check out my Patreon page and perhaps become a patron!

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1. I suppose this would also depend on what one qualifies as “quality” given how lewd and crass Scribbington is.

Grab-Song 0.1.2

NoArtSteamFox and I have pushed the newest update to Grab-Song!

From the OBS Studio update post:

Thank you to all who downloaded and use this tool. It means a lot to us! We’re past 200 downloads!

Well, folks, the cat’s outta the bag:

I am pleased to announce that not only have the last bugs in the configuration system been fixed, but we are continuing the project for the foreseeable future!

Version 0.1.2, folks! This brings an end to the previously broken (sorry) and buggy (again, sorry) configuration system, and adds a first run message and help text for those who may have forgotten to supply a media player argument. .

Thanks again for using this tool! We hope you will continue to enjoy using it as much as we enjoy creating and updating it.


~The Grab-Song Team

What a wonderful day!

Today is a particularly important one for me. When I look in the mirror, I didn’t hate what I saw. I didn’t think that there was a gross abomination staring back at me. I saw a beautiful young woman staring back at me with her sparkly blue eyes. I saw frizzy, curly hair framing a smiling face, and I didn’t think it ugly. I didn’t see any of the features as detracting or awful; I saw me.

To a lot of people this is probably silly, but to myself and others who have body image issues, this is the most wonderful thing to have happened to me in a very long time.